Glider Hat Navy Blue



Why is headgear mandatory when flying in hot weather? In hot weather, heating the head while flying can have bad consequences (sunstroke), because the sun’s rays falling through the Plexiglas They heat up more than in the open air. Already in training, the instructor requires you to wear headgear. This fashionable cotton hat will effectively shield you from the sun! In addition, the lag is soft and does not hit the plexiglass of the glider or aircraft. For hot days, choose a light colored hat (bright colors “repel” the sun’s rays), for cooler days choose a navy blue hat. What else? -100% really soft and nice to the touch combed cotton, which gives you extra comfort in use -Additionally, it has 4 metal vents and an interesting piping on the edge that makes it stand out from the rest -Three colors to choose from: white, beige and navy blue And above all: you choose an embroidered emblem that, even outside the airport, will not leave anyone under the illusion that you are a pilot and will emphasize your individuality!

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