GAME “Gliders Racing- Glider racing”.

Become an ace of the skies and start your glider adventure. The game “Glider Racing” is quite a treat for those who want to pilot aircraft!


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Become a glider pilot and take part in a glider competition! The game “Gliders Racing- Glider Racing” is quite a treat for those who want to pilot aircraft! The world’s first board game to reflect the rules of a real gliding competition:
  • Practice glider flight tactics, learn about meteorological and atmospheric phenomena that affect flight, and become a winner of a great race

  • Realistic maps and bird’s-eye views of the land guarantee great fun for all participants

  • Have fun while improving your piloting skills

  • Invite others to play and see who turns out to be the better glider pilot!
The game provides great fun for pilots and more! “Gliders Racing” is receiving positive feedback from top pilots and instructors. You can freely arrange the route and modify the rules so that the game does not get boring, while at the same time, uninitiated in aviation, the participants of the game learn the rules of flight, tactics of the players and meteorology. In addition to providing great fun, the game is educational for children, teenagers and adults (it is dedicated to players over the age of 6) and provides a good opportunity to learn about the unique sport of gliding, and may also encourage people to start a career in aviation. Box contents: -wooden cube-1pc, -unique wooden pawns in the shape of a glider- 8pcs. (for 2-4 players), -4 double-sided game boards (with route map: start- 4 turning points- finish), -1 board to mark flight altitude, -instruction manual (EN/EN)   Link to video- unboxing and rules of the game: sure to read the review of the Gliders Racing game written by the famous Polish glider pilot Kinga Tchorz!

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